Commemorating the First World War Centennial in Kansas

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Dole Institute is now Accepting Applications for Archival Fellow for Armenian Advocacy

The Robert and Elizabeth Dole Archive and Special Collections is accepting applications for an Archival Fellowship, in conjunction with the closing year of University of Kansas’ World War I Commemoration.

The Archival Fellow will work with Dole Archives staff to evaluate relevant archival holdings and develop a topic guide and online teaching module based on Senator Bob Dole’s career advocacy on behalf of Armenia.  The final product will be used as an introduction to this topic for K-12, university, and general public audiences. more

A Total Eclipse of the Sun, June 8, 1918

We pass along the link to the page on the National Centennial Commission’s which talks about the Total Eclipse on 1918.  It would appear that these eclipses are only capable of catching the corners of Kansas.  Like 1918, the 1878 total eclipse also caught the southwest corner of the state.  The communities along I-70 seem forbidden to be in the area of totality.  (And while we’d be delighted to see comments, those last three sentences were written with tongue-in-cheek.   No scientific explanations are necessary.) more

The Annals of Kansas, #22

100 years ago in Kansas, August 21-24, 1917.

August 21, 1917

  • A dispatch from Washington said bituminous coal prices were fixed by President Wilson for every mine in the country.  Prices for run-of-the-mine coal were $2.55 in Kansas.  Dealers in Atchison, Topeka, Hutchinson, and Fort Scott declared they were “on the brink of ruin.”
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    C-SPAN 2 & 3, This Week

    The C-SPAN networks did not appear to have any World War I programming this past weekend, but they seem to be making up for it through the week.

    C-SPAN 3:

    U.S. Women Soldiers During World War I.  Elizabeth Cobbs speaks about the women who served overseas as telephone operators in the U.S. Army Signal Corps.  This has been on before and has already aired twice today, August 14, but it will air again at 6:11 p.m. CT. more

    Inscriptions for the DC Memorial

    From The US World War 1 Centennial Commission:

    “Apt quotations are often powerful elements of memorials, and we plan to include similar inscriptions at the WWI memorial.  Hence, this request to you:  Could you please identify what you consider to be worthy quotations for inclusion on the memorial.  There are no restrictions on what might be a suitable quotation (other than probably being limited to a paragraph in length)–we are looking for: more

    The Annals of Kansas, #21

    100 years ago in Kansas, August 15-20, 1917:

    August 15, 1917

    • Nine men who claimed agricultural responsibilities were denied draft exemption in Topeka.

    August 17, 1917

    • Ogden, near Fort Riley, was quarantined because of a typhoid fever epidemic.

    August 20, 1917

  • Coal operators, called to Topeka by Governor Capper to explain the abnormal price of coal, refused to show production costs.  They claimed a cost of $2.43 a ton, which he regarded as “exaggerated.”  It was revealed that the railroads bought coal for about $2 a ton while the public paid over $5.
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    Centennial of the Rainbow Division

    One hundred years ago on August 12th the 42nd ‘Rainbow’ Division was formed at Camp Mills, near Garden City, NY. You can read more about the Rainbow Division and its Kansas connection here.

    Heavily involved in WW2, the 42nd saw no combat service between 1947 and 2001. Today it is made up of National Guardsmen from New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. more

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