Commemorating the First World War Centennial in Kansas

Month: March 2023

WW1 Mobile Museum

Officially known as ‘Awakening the Mind Museum: WW1 Remembered’, this travelling exhibit was created and is operated by Keith A. Colley. Based in Texas, the museum began in 2015 and had a busy tour schedule until Covid grounded them. In 2019 they visited twenty three locations, sixteen of which were in Texas, but also in NY, MO, KS, MI and MA. Last fall they returned to exhibiting at Frisco, TX. You can learn more about the museum by clicking here for the website or click here for the Facebook page. more

No Rationing in WW1

Unlike the situation in WW2, the U.S. government never imposed the mandatory rationing of anything during WW1. Restraint was voluntary; citizens were urged to have ‘meatless’ days (‘eat fish-they feed themselves’), eat more potatoes and less bread (‘save a loaf a week’). Conservation of animal fats was particularly important because they contained glycerol, a precursor substance to Cordite and TNT. Click here to learn more about this topic and how other countries had a different approach more

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