Commemorating the First World War Centennial in Kansas

Month: May 2023

Choctaw Code Talkers Honored

We have previously covered the story of the Native American code talkers in WW1. Among these soldiers were the Chahta Okla (“Choctaw”) from the Oklahoma National Guard who served with distinction at The Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge in 1918. They have recently been recognized in a special way. The 114th Fighter Squadron, an Air Force National Guard (AFNG) unit based at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls, OR, has dedicated one of their F-15C aircraft to the Choctaw code talkers. You can read about the nose art by clicking here. The 114th Fighter Squadron is an ‘Air Education and Training Command’ unit which instructs both US and Canadian fighter pilots. Last week this squadron lost an F-15D in a crash landing. The pilot was uninjured. All of their F-15’s are slated to be replaced by the new F-15 EX in FY 2024, becoming the first AFNG unit to receive these types. more

Coronation Day Described by the King

It was overcast & cloudy with slight showers & a strongish cool breeze, but better for the people than great heat. Today was indeed a great & memorable day in our lives & one which we can never forget, but it brought back to me many sad memories of 9 years ago when the beloved Parents were crowned. May [Queen Mary (1867-1953)] & I left B.P. [Buckingham Palace] in the Coronation coach at 10.30. with 8 cream coloured horses. more

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