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Sled Dog Soldiers

In recent years there have been several films made about animals in the First World War. Some examples are A Bear Named Winnie (2001), War Horse (2011) and Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero (2018). Sled Dog Soldiers (2012), which was produced for television in Canada and France, also belongs on this list. more

YMCA Dogs in WW1

Previously we’ve written about Alaskan sled dogs in WW1 (click here). Here’s a link to a good article about the wartime service of all kinds of dogs (click here). The YMCA even used dogs to deliver cigarettes, a fundamental policy change for the ‘Y’ which had previously taught that cigarette smoking was unhealthy and immoral. You can read all about Mutt, a YMCA dog, by clicking here. more

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