Can you name all of the nationalities represented in the photograph? For extra credit, can you also identify each individual soldier’s country of origin?

Christmas post cards were popular in the British forces during WW1. This photograph is fairly well known, but this is the only example that I’ve seen of it printed on a post card.

It truly was a world war.


James (“Jim”) Patton BS BA MPA is a retired state official from Shawnee, Kansas and a frequent contributor to several WW1 e-publications, including "Roads to the Great War," "St. Mihiel Tripwire," "Over the Top" and "Medicine in the First World War." He has spent many hours walking the WW1 battlefields, and is also an authority on British regiments and a collector of their badges. An Army Engineer during the Vietnam War, he does work for the US World War 1 Centennial Commission and is affiliated with the WW1 Historical Association, the Western Front Association, the Salonika Campaign Society and the Gallipoli Association.