Commemorating the First World War Centennial in Kansas

Author: Emily Perkins

Sophomore Instrumental Music Education Major/Honors Student at Bethany College

Censoring the Swedish #LindsborgWW1


During the last years of the great war, the Lindsborg Record began to feature letters from “Over There.” These letters were sent to the newspaper from the families that received them and a were featured in their own section of the paper almost every in the last few months of 1918.  The image featured above is an excerpt from one of these such letters (this one in particular, is from Walter K. Hawkinson and is found in the August 16th, 1918 edition). From this letter, as well as a few others, there is evidence of letter censorship.  The censorship of letters in World War One and even later can be used to both maintain morale and also to limit details that could be useful to the enemy. more

Rationalizing the Rations #LindsborgWW1

By the time the United States actually entered the war, our allies were facing near starvation. One way that the folks back home could help contribute was by rationing. The less waste there was and the more food being eaten local, as opposed to imported, the more there was to send overseas.In the United States, food rationing during World War 1 became prevalent around the time the U.S Food Administration became established on August 10th of 1917. more

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