Commemorating the First World War Centennial in Kansas

Chicago Blackhawks


Frederic McLaughlin was a graduate of Harvard and the heir to a family fortune based on coffee. He did the Plattsburgh course in 1917 and was commissioned as a Major in the 86th Blackhawk Division’s 333rd Machine Gun Battalion. This division was created at Camp Grant in Rockford, Illinois in August, 1917 with draftees from Illinois and Wisconsin.

In 1926 he acquired the rights to the new Chicago NHL team, which he named the “Blackhawks” in honor of his division. During his tenure the team won two Stanley Cups. They also won the cup last year.

Legendary Toronto Maple Leafs coach and owner Conn Smythe (namesake of the NHL’s MVP award) said of McLaughlin:

“Where hockey was concerned, Major McLaughlin was the strangest bird and, yes, perhaps the biggest nut I met in my entire life.”

James (“Jim”) Patton BS BA MPA is a retired state official from Shawnee, Kansas and a frequent contributor to several WW1 e-publications, including "Roads to the Great War," "St. Mihiel Tripwire," "Over the Top" and "Medicine in the First World War." He has spent many hours walking the WW1 battlefields, and is also an authority on British regiments and a collector of their badges. An Army Engineer during the Vietnam War, he does work for the US World War 1 Centennial Commission and is affiliated with the WW1 Historical Association, the Western Front Association, the Salonika Campaign Society and the Gallipoli Association.


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