We’d hoped that we might be able to do biographies of each of these nurses who died during the World War.  That may not happen, but for now, we’ll at least recognize them for their sacrifice.

This list was compiled sometime after the war, and apparently before the Second World War, by Miss Emma Hadorn, A.L.A.  (Presumably American Library Association.)  There may by typos and other errors.  We’d appreciate any corrections, preferably with documentation.

-Miss Edith Bradfield.  Born in Ridgeway, Kansas.  Nearest relative, Florence Bradfield, (sister), Clifton, Kansas.  Miss Bradfield executed her oath of office on March 23, 1918, and reported at the U.S. Army Post Hospital, Ft. Sill, Okla., on March 24, 1918.  She died at that hospital on May 5, 1918, from lobar pneumonia.

-Miss Florence Ethel Chandler.  Born in Emporia, Kansas.  Nearest relative, Mrs. L.S. Harris (sister), Dunlap, Kansas.  Miss Chandler executed her oath of office September 26, 1918, reporting on the same day at the U.S. Army Base Hospital, Ft. Riley, Kansas.  She died at that hospital October 13, 1918, of lobar pneumonia.

-Miss Etta P. Coover.  Born in Colby, Kansas.  Nearest relative Mrs. A.M. Coover, Colby, Kansas.  Miss Cover (sic) executed her oath of office August 20, 1918.  She died October 16, 1918, at the U.S. Army Base Hospital, Ft. Riley, Kansas, of lobar pneumonia.  See earlier post:  https://www.kansasww1.org/nurse-etta-coover-of-colby/

-Miss Alma Erickson.  Born in Scandia, Kansas.  Nearest relative Mrs. W.A. Hall (sister), Jarose, Colorado.  Miss Erickson executed her oath of office October 2, 1918.  She died at the U.S. Army General Hospital No. 1, Denver, Colorado, of broncho pneumonia, on October 28, 1918.

-Miss Ruth B. Farney.  Born in Leavenworth, Kansas.  She executed her oath of office September 10, 1918.  Her nearest relative was Mrs. J.J. Schackelford (sister), R.F.D. No. 2, Ogallah, Kansas.  She died at the U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 1, fort Sam Houston, Texas, October 22, 1918, of broncho pneumonia.

-Miss Lottie R. Hollenback.  Born in Paola, Kansas.  Nearest relative, G.W. Hollenback, Olathe, Kansas.  Miss Hollenback executed her oath of office November 20, 1917.  She died at the U.S. Army Base Hospital, Ft. Riley, Kansas, of lobar pneumonia, January 3, 1918.  See earlier post:  https://www.kansasww1.org/kansans-of-the-great-war-era-lottie-hollenback/

-Miss Clara M. Orgren.  Born in Osage City, Kansas.  Nearest relative, Mrs. C.A. Orgren, 506 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, Colorado.  Miss Orgren executed her oath of office April 27, 1918.  She died October 6, 1918, while serving with Base Hospital No. 29, A.E.F., France.  The cause of her death was pneumonia.  Inasmuch as Miss Orgren entered the service from Denver, Colorado, was trained in Denver, and her nearest relative lived in Colorado, it is doubtful whether she could be claimed as a Kansas woman.  (BLOG NOTE:  We respectfully disagree with Miss Hadorn on this matter.  Clara Orgren was born in Osage City.  She’s in as a Kansan.)

-Miss Mildred Parsons.  Born in Leavenworth, Kansas.  Nearest relative Mrs. W.B. Parsons (mother), Basehor, Kansas.  Miss Parsons executed her oath of office June 1, 1918.  She died October 8, 1918, at Embarkation Hospital, Camp Stuart, Virginia, of pneumonia.

-Miss Alberta Weigner.  Born in Kahoka, Missouri.  Nearest relative, Mrs. E.J. Weigner, Sawyer, Kansas.  Miss Weigner trained in Kansas, and entered the service from Kansas.  She executed her oath of office November 14, 1918.  She died January 20, 1919 at Fort Riley, Kansas, of lobar pneumonia.

(BLOG NOTE:  While some form of pneumonia almost certainly was listed as the cause of death, it seems likely that the pneumonia was the result of the Spanish influenza.)


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