Just a few days ago, Bethany College’s Honors students presented and concluded their Digital Humanities semester project on how Bethany College and Lindsborg, Kansas was affected by The Great War. Each student had the opportunity to do intensive research and learn about the changes in the town after nearly a century. After spending the first month  of school reading a novel called To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914-1918  by Adam Hochschild on the Great War, students were able to get a better understanding of what the war was like and develop and interest in what was going on at the time. With the college and town being founded by Swedish immigrants, their task was to find out if and what  the impact of the war was on the college and town and share it. Their  research process consisted of hours of analyzing microfilm at the college’s library, recording and counting old census, reading through old yearbooks, and digging through archives at The Old Mill museum. The website includes one hundred year old documents and pictures that tell the untold story of the town from the time the war began to the time it ended. The students were even able to reach out to people that had old letters and pictures of soldiers from the war (as you may have already read about in their blogs). Interested in the story of the town and what they found? Click the link below and check out their new website:


Special thanks to Dr. Thomas Jorsch, Bethany College, The Old Mill Museum and the individuals that provided the students with the resources and WW1 relics to develop the website.

Sophomore Honors Student at Bethany College in Lindsborg KS.