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WWI Movies on Turner Classics for January

Sorry to be a little late with this, but it seems an appropriate post given the previous post ranks WWI films. Sadly, I don’t think any of this month’s films have made it on to the listing given.

Here are this months WWI-themed films on TCM with TCM’s descriptions. As usual, all times given are Central. ...read more

The Top 34 WW1 Movies

With the new big-screen production “1917” now playing in theaters (click here to read the previous post about the movie), it seems appropriate to put up this list, compiled by the movie critic website Rotten Tomatoes (click here).

The 1914 Christmas Truce

Click here to view a dramatization of the start of the well-known 1914 Christmas Truce. This scene is from the 2005 French movie entitled Joyeux Noël, which, although historically inaccurate, is nevertheless poignant. The film was rated 3 ½ stars by Rotten Tomatoes, 4 stars by IMDB and also 4 stars by Roger Ebert. It was also nominated for an Oscar as the Best Foreign Film of 2005. ...read more

Construction Begins for the National Memorial

Left to right: National Park Service Director David Vela, Adm. (Ret.) Mike Mullin, Centennial Commission Chairman Terry Hamby, Sen. (Ret.) John Warner and Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt

In October the National Capitol Planning Commission gave its approval to the design for the memorial at Pershing Park in Washington, DC. Subsequently the National Park Service issued a Building Permit and just over a week ago the site work began. You can read more about this in the DC press by clicking here or from The American Legion by clicking here. ...read more

The National Guard is 383 years old today

The National Guard traces its existence to December 13th, 1636. These citizen soldiers have served in all of our nation’s conflicts, and in the First World War the 26th through 42nd Divisions of the American Expeditionary Force were composed of Guardsmen. You can read more about this here. Happy Birthday to the Guard! ...read more

C-SPAN3, December 14

We slip to one World War I program on C-SPAN3 this weekend, and it’s a repeat from last week. Time is Central, of course:

World War I, African Americans and Civil Rights. Airs at 7:45 a.m Saturday morning, December 14th.

There are still four talks, I believe, from the National World War I Museum and Memorial’s annual symposium held in November. That includes Margaret Macmillan’s keynote. For those of you who couldn’t make the symposium, hopefully the remaining sessions will be aired soon. ...read more

C-SPAN3 WWI Schedule, December 7 – 9

This week’s schedule includes some repeats from last week, and one new program offered. All times are Central.

America Aid in Post-World War I Europe, 1919-1924. From the Annual Symposium at the National WWI Museum and Memorial. Tammy Proctor. Airs at 11:55 a.m. Saturday morning, December 7th. ...read more

False Memory: What We “Know” About WW1

In this recorded lecture Stephen Badsey Ph. D (Cambridge) FRHistR, for 19 years a professor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and now on the faculty at the University of Wolverhampton, discusses the myths and misconceptions that have passed down to us about World War 1. Click here to see the whole presentation on YouTube. Settle in, though, because it lasts over 47 minutes. ...read more

WWI on Turner Classic Movies for December

We have two movies with a World War I theme this month on Turner Classic Movies, and I’m pretty sure we’ve listed them before. As usual, all times are Central.

Waterloo Bridge (1940). With Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor. Airs on Sunday, December 29th at 7:00 a.m. ...read more

USAF Recognizes the Lafayette Escadrille

Four USAF F-22’s fly over the Lafayette Escadrille Memorial at Marnes-la-Coquette in April 2016. USAF photograph

A superb documentary film about the Lafayette Escadrille premiered on November 9th at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Ohio. Read the whole story by clicking here.

Also well worth a read is the 2007 monograph entitled Like a Thunderbolt, produced by the Air Force Historical Studies Office. You can download it here, courtesy of The Doughboy Center. ...read more

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