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YMCA Dogs in WW1

Previously we’ve written about Alaskan sled dogs in WW1 (click here). Here’s a link to a good article about the wartime service of all kinds of dogs (click here). The YMCA even used dogs to deliver cigarettes, a fundamental policy change for the ‘Y’ which had previously taught that cigarette smoking was unhealthy and immoral. You can read all about Mutt, a YMCA dog, by clicking here. ...read more

The Great Vehicle Auction

At the conclusion of the war the American Expeditionary Force had, by one tally, 126,136 vehicles in France. Given the projected needs of the peace time army, there were already more than enough vehicles still in the U.S., in fact over 36,000 of these were declared surplus and given to other government agencies for their use. Everything overseas had to be disposed of in situ. You can read about this immense task by clicking here. ...read more

The Great Forgotten

The Great Forgotten, by Kacie and Karen Devaney, is a television series in development, a derivative of their successful Off-Broadway play of the same title. The plot line follows two American women, one a nurse and the other a nursing aide, with scenes alternating between WW1 and the future. Click here to read more about this project. ...read more

Ft. Eisenhower is coming?

The Congressional Naming Commission has released their recommendation for retitling nine Army installations presently named for Confederate historical figures. One of the recommendations is to change the name of Ft. Gordon, near Augusta, Georgia to Ft. Eisenhower, after five star General and the 34th POTUS Dwight D. Eisenhower, who grew up in Abilene, Kansas. This post is the Headquarters of both the Army Signal Corps and the Army Cyber Command. Click here to read the full press release. ...read more

ANZAC Day 2022

After a two-year hiatus, the April 25th Gallipoli Dawn Observance from ANZAC Cove resumed this year. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s live stream broadcast is now available for FREE on You Tube. Click here to view. Noteworthy in this presentation are the absences of any member of the British Royal Family, Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand. In his defense, Morrison was embroiled in the final weeks of an election, which his party ultimately lost. The crowd size was obviously smaller than in prior years, and there was more pageantry recognizing the indigenous peoples of the Antipodes. The performance of the three national anthems was moved up in the program schedule to ensure that, if the broadcast ran long, the New Zealand anthem wouldn’t be cut as it was in 2014. ...read more

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