William Gabrielson grew up on a farm just east of Lindsborg.  He joined the US Army on Sep. 5, 1918, and served with the Signal Corps until early 1919.  Gabrielson never traveled overseas, making it only as far as Camp Meade in Maryland before the war ended.

An earlier post of mine showed an advertisement in the local Lindsborg newspaper for Lundquist Studio, which offered to take photographs of soldiers before they left home.  At least one man took up the offer.  The photograph below of Gabrielson was taken at the Albert N. Lundquist Studio located at 119 N. Main in Lindsborg.

I wish to express my gratitude to Gary “Gabe” Gabrielson for sharing these images of his father along with other family artifacts as part of the Old Mill Museum and Bethany College Digital Humanities project.

Dr. Tom Jorsch is Assistant Professor of History at Bethany College in Lindsborg, KS. Dr. Jorsch specializes in Gilded Age and Progressive Era political and intellectual history and has a side interest in World War I.