war-horrorsThe Farmers State Bank put this ad in the Lindsborg News Record. Interestingly, they describe the horrors of dying at war. In a world where so many people are having loved ones die, they choose to say that struggling with poverty is worse. They say this because while death might include pain and suffering, the suffering of poverty never ends. They combat this by saying that the way to avoid poverty is to save money by putting it in their bank.  I feel it is a little distasteful to say that you can save yourself from a, “fate worse than the horrors of war” by depositing money into a bank. If I had a loved one away at war and they were sending my letters about how bad it is over there I might be very upset at this claim by Farmers State Bank. This ad was surely full of risk for them, and it would be very interesting to see how the community responded to such an ad.

Sophomore Honors Student at Bethany College in Lindsborg KS.