Lindsborg News Record; November 15, 1918 Lindsborg Celebrates War Ending

In the November 15, 1918 edition of the Lindsborg News Record, an article of patriotism was displayed. The article discusses how the Lindsborg, Kansas community reacted to receiving the news that the war was over. The town celebrated by hanging flags in windows of businesses and there was a parade on the afternoon of November 11, 1918. The Lindsborg schools and college all joined in the celebration on Main Street. The State Guards joined in shooting at an effigy of the Kaiser as it was drug down Main Street by a rope. The town gathered at an auditorium to listen to speeches and sing songs of patriotism. The ceremony ended with prayers for all who were serving in the war and in thanksgiving to God for guiding everyone safely through trials of war. The day ended after the effigy of the Kaiser was burned. ...read more