(The following list is the second part of the entry in the Annals for November 11, 1918.  Corrections or additions to this list will be welcome.  Note: we might ask for documentation.)

100 years ago in Kansas…

November 11, 1918

Following is a list of Kansans who received the Distinguished-Service (sic) Cross for “extraordinary heroism in action” in World War I.  The list was compiled from American Decorations, published by the War Department, Washington, D.C., 1927.  It includes native Kansans and others who resided in Kansas at the time of entry into service.  The latter class is designated by an “R.”  Asterisks indicated that the decoration was awarded posthumously.  No equivalent list for the Navy and Marine Corps was available. (1956.)

Ackers, Deane E., Abilene.                 Albright, Fred C., (R) Garland.

Anthony, Clem, Kansas City              Armstrong, Rodney M., Topeka.

Atkins, Moses D., (R) Leavenworth   Avery, Charles D., Emporia

Balch, John H., Edgerton                   *Bayly, Harry E., Jennings

Beeby, Albert E., Hill City                 Benton, Harwood O., Oberlin

*Birch, Albert E., (R), Lawrence        *Blair, Tracy S., (R), Buffalo

Bly, Robert, (R), Fort Scott                Boone, Raymond W., Parsons

Borton, Edward W., Emporia             *Brimer, Frank M., Wamego

Cassidy, Henry K., Fort Scott             Cavenee, Claude E., Rice County

Caywood, Hugh T., Eureka                Cellar, Chester M., Waverly

Chambers, Reed M., Onaga                Champeny, Arthur S., (R), Lyons

Chartier, Pearl D., Clyde                    Chase, John W., Jewell City

Coakley, John L. (R), Kansas City      Colville, George W., Pleasanton

*Comfort, Willis E., Onaga                Condit, George W., Robinson

*Craig, John M., (R), Garnett             Daniels, Francis L., (R), Smith Center

*Davis, Murray, Burlingame              Deeringer, Henry, Formoso

De Lacour, Reginald B., Wichita        Dick, Henry J., Burrton

Downey, Ernest L., (R), Pleasanton    Dozer, Otis V., Cedar Vale

*Drumm, Clarence M., Marshall County

Duff, Eldon A., Lyndon                     Dugan, John I., Anna

Edwards, Hugh F., Hamilton              Evans, Gwilyn, (R), Arvonia

Farber, Lloyd, Hoxie                          *Fenton, Neal D., (R), Hutchinson

Ferguson, Eugene R., Minneapolis     *Fisher, Frank J., Kansas City

Fleeson, Howard T., Sterling              Foust, Benjamin E., (R), Augusta

Fuller, William H., (R), Manchester   Gardner, George W., Traer

Grant, Alfred A., (R), Manhattan        Green, Robert L., Kiowa

Greene, Don, (R), El Dorado              Gump, Noah L., Fulton

Guthrie, Elmer F., Hutchinson            *Hall, William A., Rock

Hamilton, John W., (R), Pleasanton    Hanbery, James W., (R), Pittsburg

Hancock, Glenn F., New Albany        Harmon, John J., Weir

Healy, James A., Fort Leavenworth    *Heffron, Walter R., Kingman

Heiken, Eilert G., Bushton                 Henderson, Henry, Topeka

Heueisen, Frank A., Stafford County  Hollis, George G., Horace

Hood, Robert B., Wellington              Hook, Frederick R., Rossville

Hopkins, Geroge A., Burlingame        *Hopkins, Thomas, (R), Wichita

Hubbard, Willis W., Wellington         Hudson, Ben S., Piedmont

Hudson, Donald, Topeka                   Huebner, Clarence R., Bushton

*Hyman, William P., Minneapolis      Ives, Edwin B., (R), Great Bend

James, Darl S., (R), Kansas City         *Jeffords, Paul, Kansas City

Jones, Ecman T., (R), Ottawa             Kane, Alva, Stilwell

*Kelsey, Harry R., Easton                  Kenoyer, John, Medora

*Kessler, Edward M., Maize              Kindley, Field E., (R), Coffeyville

Kness, Karl F., Wichita                      Kramps, Clarence O., (R), Rosedale

Kyle, Ernest, Acton                           *Lamson, Dwight F. (R), Little River

Lemmon, Fred L., (R), Hutchinson     Levan, Simpson, Linn

Lewis, Stacy A., Silverdale                Light, John C., Plain View

Lindquist, Edward N., Leonard          McAlexander, Ulysses G., (R), McPherson

*McComb, Roy E., Welda                 McCormick, Christie E., Ottumwa

McCoy, Charles Tice, (R), Louisburg *McDaniel, Lee B., McCune

McGee, Edward, Tipton                     McGuire, Leo F., Elgin

McIntyre, John, (R), Topeka              McKay, John W., Thayer

Maddox, John, Gove                          Mails, Mark W., Abilene

Malone, Clayton, Herington               *Marshall, Leroy F., Leavenworth

Martin, Harry H., Emporia                 Mason, Francis W., Wichita

May, Oscar P., Williamstown             Miller, Herbert H., Ionia

Miller, Willis C., McLouth                 Milne, William L., Parsons

*Moore, David M., Sedan                  Moore, Harold C., Morrill

Moyer, Ralph, Argentine                    Mudge, Josiah B., Manhattan

Myers, William R., Carbondale          Neitzel, Albert R., St. Francis

Nichols, Harley N., Kingman             *Noble, Earl S., Bird City

Norton, Everette C., Moran                O’Connor, John Henry, (R), Winfield

Oldfield, Willie, Canton                     O’Keefe, Arthur J., Leavenworth

Palmer, Harry H., Garden Plain          *Pearson, Varlourd, (R), Manhattan

Personett, John E., Lenora                  *Petersen, Leonard, Kansas City

Peterson, Solomon, Atlanta                *Petree, Harris E.,  Lincoln

*Platner, Aaron A., Ellsworth            Polley, John R., (R), Hutchinson

Price, Otto D., Ada                            Quick, Arthur C., Kansas City

Raffington, Charles S., Phillipsburg    *Ramsey, Earl E., Cedar Vale

Ricket, Harry C., Spring Hill              *Ringer, Harvey C., Paola

Roberts, Charles Dewayne, Kansas City

Robins, Emmett W., (R), Wichita       *Rockwell, Mearl Colin, Coolidge

Ross, Leo L., Arkansas City               Rudolph, Edward W., Lyndon

Ryan, C. William, Severance              Ryder, Charles W., Topeka

Sanders, Joseph D., (R), Hoisington   Scoby, Otis C., St. Francis

*Seagraves, Victor L., Jefferson Co.   *Seymour, Quincy C., Rantoul

Shahan, Winfield F., Marion              *Sharp, Thomas V., Osawatomie

Shimeall, Ralph M., Norton               *Sloan, William E., Rush County

Stilwell, Frank, Kansas City               *Strain, Benjamin T., Newton

Strain, James F., Atchison                  Swarts, Ralph E., Arkansas City

Swenson, Karl J., Assaria                   Tarter, Charles M., (R), Chapman

*Tharp, Lewis M., Melrose                Tobin, Richard J., Leavenworth

Tomanek, Frank F., Collyer               Valley, Isaac, Girard

Wahler, Richard, Leavenworth           Ward, Frank B., Winfield

Weaver, Ross E., (R), Concordia        West, Hedford, Ogallah

West, Robert John, Leavenworth        Westergren, Harry Orman, Clearfield

White, Louis D., Hutchinson              Wilder, Marshall P., (R), Manhattan

*Wilder, Thomas E., (R), Macksville  Williams, Frank L., Ellis

Williams, Henry M., Kansas City       Winters, Ray, Bethel

Woods, Howard S., Tyner                  Worden, Robert L., Wellington

Blair Tarr is the Museum Curator of the Kansas State Historical Society. He oversees the three-dimensional collections of the Society, but has special interests in the Civil War, Wichita-made Valentine diners, and Leavenworth's Abernathy Furniture. In the last few years he has also done a lot of cramming on The Great War. He is a past president of the Kansas Museums Association and the Civil War Round Tables of both Kansas City and Eastern Kansas. He is currently a board member of the Heritage League of Greater Kansas City.