This advertisement was in the Lindsborg News Record from January 4, 1918. “The Fighting Trail” was a silent movie series that was playing in the Wonderland Theatre in Lindsborg, Kansas. The Western film was released in fifteen chapters. According to a film review in the Exhibitors Herald (September 15, 1917; pg 24), the plot of this series relates to World War One. There is a valuable mineral found in one California mine. This mineral is needed for an explosive and the Central Powers desire it. The secret is described in papers held by the character, Nan, who is constantly captured by the henchmen of German spy, Von Bleck. She is rescued by mining engineer, John Gwynn. 

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At the bottom of the advertisement, it says that admission is “5 and 10 cents plus War Tax”.  On October 3, 1917, the War Revenue Act was passed by Congress in the United States. This increased income taxes to raise money for the war effort. When World War I ended in 1918, income tax revenue funded one-third of the cost of the war effort.

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