Thomas E. Green was a professor at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas back in 1915.  He was also elected Vice President  of the Peace Society after returning from a trip around the world where he met with people of influence and discussed the conditions in Europe and how they threatened global peace.  Green delivered an address on campus educating the public and students on what he believed were the four major causes of the first World War. The information he presented was primarily from personal investigations and observations he had made while traveling.

The Peace Society Green was a part of, no longer exists, but became known as the International Peace Society after joining forces in 1930 with the International Christian Peace Fellowship. Although there were still some active members like Green, their involvement in the First World War was minute. Perhaps, Green was also trying to kick start the group  again by traveling and meeting with  people across the world!

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Sophomore Honors Student at Bethany College in Lindsborg KS.